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Krouse Sports LLC started off as Five Hole Putters with one brand of hockey stick putters that were made from Wooden/Fiberglass sticks.  As time has evolved so have we.  Custom Putters in full colors are available for any occasion. Our Dinger Bat Putters have taken on the baseball passionate golfer to have in their bag.  The FHP composite, made from Pro and Collegiate re-used sticks to give new life and provide an awesome feel to the golfer.  We appreciate your business and passion for the sports world as we do.  Thanks for shopping!  Don't miss the videos at the bottom of the page!

An Interview with the Owner 

John Krouse
John Krouse

Where did the love of hockey and baseball cross with golf?

I was in pro hockey as an Equipment Manager for 22 years. Most hockey players love to play golf.  There heavy hitters when it comes to driving the ball!. Messing around we came up with a prank gift for a player years ago. It evolved into what it is today. I had request for baseball themed putters from people. Eventually I planned it out with many trial and errors to come up with the Dinger models. This patented putter will wow the baseball lover when their on the course.

What pushed you from having the idea, to making it a business?

"After making a bunch of demo ones from old wooden hockey sticks that players used, there was a big liking for them. I decided I was going to move forward with this idea for the hockey putters in 2003 to create a sales channel to allow people to purchase them. A few fellow hockey people helped name if Five Hole Putters."

How long have you been in business?

"We started in 2003 in Pensacola FL.  When I was in pro hockey, the business moved with me wherever we went.  It's been based in Des Moines, IA, San Antonio TX, and currently, Portland ME. " 

What is your manufacturing process like? 

"We have components for the putter heads and shaft come from a company in Mass quantities.  Although the assembly process is a secret, we have processes that form our different putters in a different ways.  Our custom graphics that go on the putters for companies or events take a bit longer due to designing and applying the artwork to the shafts." 

What is it about your materials that so unique? Where did this idea come from?

"For our putter grips that are made from wood, there sourced out to wood workers in the State of Maine to be produced to our specifications.  For our Composite Hockey Grip, we work with used or broken sticks from the collegiate and professional levels to re purpose and bring back to life in our putters.  These would ordinarily go to a dump site and be buried in the ground without decomposing. " 

What makes your product the perfect gift?

It hits home with anyone that golfs and likes either baseball or hockey.  You can customize with just a name or the full putter grip.  Just ordering without customizing for that special someone is a sure hit when they receive it.  We find that these get ordered as a gift and the person ordering gets one for themselves as well.. 

Tournaments and Customized how people have used them in this setting?

Prizes to the golfers, give away gifts, raffled item, sponsorship on the putter, and contest are ways that our product can be useful for any golf event.  With our ability to fully customize the graphics to the event, we can put any sponsor logos on them along with the event graphics.  When you can add your website and phone number on a putter.  It becomes not only a neat product to use, it becomes a marketing tool.  

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