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Krouse Sports LLC is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2016 PGA Merchant Show, February 27-29.

Krouse Sports LLC is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2016 PGA Merchant Show, February 27-29.  We will be featuring our sport themed golf clubs, Five Hole and Dinger Bat Putters. A new way to present your love of Hockey and Baseball on the greens, our putters function better than most with our unique grips aiding the golfer with a better feel while putting.  If you’re attending the Show, please stop by and see our products at booth 1189.  Or check them out at  If you like Baseball and Hockey, you’re going to love these.   Our FHP Composite pictured below is made from Game Used Composite Hockey sticks.  Most of our sticks come from teams at the NHL and AHL levels.  Pretty cool to get a putter grip that was once a stick used during a hockey game.  Putters can be customized by adding your name to them.     The Dinger Bat Putter is a hit with our baseball fans.  With the barrel of the bat for the grip, we have two models with our Dinger Theme and we can custom make any of our clubs in full color to your design or have us design one for you.   See these and our other styles and themes online or at our booth #1189.  We’ll see you on the Greens!!   To contact, please use the information below.   John Krouse Krouse Sports LLC 850-324-3992

Now Serving Hat Trick BBQ

Hat Trick BBQ is a United States and Canadian based company that is a great “green” story. We accumulate broken hockey sticks that would otherwise go into landfills and create unique and interesting products that are a must have for hockey fans, parents of hockey players, and those who love to BBQ.  These cool and unique gifts are available online or at many of your local retail outlets for sports equipment.   “Hat Trick BBQ tools are a unique gift for the hockey fan that has everything. I love my set and use them every time I fire up the grill.” – Luc Robitaille, Hockey Hall of Fame, Stanley Cup Champion...

Take Me Out To The Golf Course

We came up with the Dinger Bat Putter for the people who have a passion for baseball and golf as well.  There’s not much out there that intertwine the actually look of the putter to resemble a portion of baseball.  Yes, you’ll see putter heads and covers with MLB or College teams on them, but we take it to the next level and actually give the customer a piece of baseball equipment to use as their putter.  The design also makes top notch oversized grip putter that hits very well.   The crossover with Baseball and golf is big.  Just ask any golfer if he likes baseball.  Most will say yes.  It’s America’s past time.  As we use the Bat barrel end as the grip.  It provides a great feeling putter that’s got a miniature sized bat to show the golfers love of baseball. Our Dinger Bat Putters are brand new to the market.   What a Home Run gift for someone, prize to get at a tournament, or unique talk piece to pull out of your own bag.  With our ability to customize them however you want, we can appeal to any event, business, or giv away that our customer may have.  They also have the choice of choosing from our themed putters we make if they don’t have a specific idea for them.  You can even add your name and number if you wish to...

Hockey Players And Golf: A Lasting Relationship

There is an undeniable bond between hockey players and the game of golf. Being that it’s A) Masters week OMG, and B) almost time for a lot of hockey players to hit the links (I bet the  Leafs have some low-cappers after so many long summers), I figured I’d do my best to explain why so many hockey players are into golf. 1) Simple Timing We might as well start with the basics: the most obvious of reasons is that hockey is a winter sport, and golf is a summer sport. Well, it’s a summer sport where the majority of hockey players come from, I suppose (Canada, northern and eastern US). And as you may have noticed, those guys have every summer off. It’s a little easier to book a tee time than it is to, say, organize a baseball game, so the convinience factor has something to do with it. But it’s more than that. 2) Physical aspect The golf swing and the slapshot are not that different, mechanically. You find a way to generate power to hit something with as much force as possible, and being that hockey players already know how to do that, they can generally mash the ball pretty far. Where it goes is anyone’s guess (in my case, left), but they can create the necessary force. Plus, every slapshot you take hits something directly in front of you, and usually pretty quickly. Whether it’s shinpads, a goalies glove, the net or the boards, it’s over before it starts. It’s nice to watch something soar into the oblivion. (In my case, “oblivion” is code for “out of bounds left.”) 3)...

Composite Killed The Wooden Hockey Stick Star

As being an equipment guy in pro hockey, I’ve dealt with many broken sticks over the years. When a wooden stick would no longer be useable, there were many ways to showcase and make into other products due to the ease of the material.

Krouse’s Korner

Krouse’s Korner John Krouse Head Equipment Manger Portland Pirates/Owner Krouse Sports Ryan O’Keefe Social Media Marketer/Ex Pro Hockey Player/Owner Double Deuce Social Media Marketing RO: When was the first time you knew that your product was going to be a hit. JK : That’s awesome. Where did you get that!!!  I remember at one tournament I actually attended and donated one as a prize two grown men wrestled for it on the floor in the banquet hall.  They knew each other I guess but was hilarious to watch and I felt pretty honored people were doing this over my product. RO: After you knew the public liked it, what was your first big sale? JK: First big sale was the Sutter Tournament out of Calgary.  300 putters with advertisers and their logos on them.  Made ones for all the Sutter brothers with their names on them.  Everyone that attended tournament got one. RO: Ok so you sold putters to the Sutter family 300 Sutter putters, 300 Sutter’s you sure seems like there are more of them hahaha JK: I know right, just 300 total that’s a big deal for a one man show. RO: So after the novelty of the Five Hole Putter what sets you apart? JK: Our grips. Not only are they unique to resemble a hockey stick.  They actually hold your hands properly every time so you can’t grip it wrong. RO: You mean they grip it like a hockey stick or a putter. JK: A putter, even though it comes with the rectangular shape. They hold it like any putter its natural. RO: So not being a...

The Story Of Krouse

Five Hole Putters: Bring your enforcer to the green when you pull this club out of your bag. Various models include our stock grips and the choice of customizing a putter completely the way you want in full color. You’re sure to impress your competitor with the looks alone. When you putt, the club’s unique grip will give you a precise alignment due to the rectangular grip making it almost impossible to hold it wrong. Our putters make a great club to have in your bag or around the house/office for conversation. We recommend using it on the course as it’s a precision balanced putter that has the capability to help your golf game. They make a huge hit for golf tournament prizes, groomsmen gifts, team themes, or any ideas you may have. You have the ability to do this yourself with our customizer or have us do it more in depth with our graphics department.   Dinger Bat Putters: Who says you can’t hit a Home Run with a golf ball. We say you can. With our Dinger Bat Putters it’s just another day at the ballpark when you step on the greens. Our “fat grip” design on the barrel of the bat provides an oversized feeling when gripping the club. In combination with your choice of putter heads, you’ll be the talk of the game as you sink a home run putt with your DBP. Our putters make a great club to have in your bag or around the house/office for conversation. We recommend using it on the course as our putter has the capability to help...

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