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Now Serving Hat Trick BBQ

Hat Trick BBQ is a United States and Canadian based company that is a great “green” story. We accumulate broken hockey sticks that would otherwise go into landfills and create unique and interesting products that are a must have for hockey fans, parents of hockey...

Take Me Out To The Golf Course

We came up with the Dinger Bat Putter for the people who have a passion for baseball and golf as well.  There’s not much out there that intertwine the actually look of the putter to resemble a portion of baseball.  Yes, you’ll see putter heads and covers with MLB or...

Hockey Players And Golf: A Lasting Relationship

There is an undeniable bond between hockey players and the game of golf. Being that it’s A) Masters week OMG, and B) almost time for a lot of hockey players to hit the links (I bet the  Leafs have some low-cappers after so many long summers), I figured I’d do my best...

Composite Killed The Wooden Hockey Stick Star

As being an equipment guy in pro hockey, I’ve dealt with many broken sticks over the years. When a wooden stick would no longer be useable, there were many ways to showcase and make into other products due to the ease of the material.

Krouse’s Korner

Krouse’s Korner John Krouse Head Equipment Manger Portland Pirates/Owner Krouse Sports Ryan O'Keefe Social Media Marketer/Ex Pro Hockey Player/Owner Double Deuce Social Media Marketing RO: When was the first time you knew that your product was going to be a hit. JK :...

The Story Of Krouse

Five Hole Putters: Bring your enforcer to the green when you pull this club out of your bag. Various models include our stock grips and the choice of customizing a putter completely the way you want in full color. You’re sure to impress your competitor with the looks...

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